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TBM is a professional multi-faceted service company throughout Queensland and New South Wales, that prides itself in providing a quality of service, reliability and the ability to meet the needs of clients

TBM’s services are utilised in many State Government departments, local councils, commercial projects, schools and colleges, shopping centres, supermarkets and industrial properties.

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TBM is well known for its commitment to a personalised, partnering approach with its clients. It prides itself in providing a quality of service, reliability and the ability to meet the needs of clients

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The TBM difference

25 years of experience

TBM has been operating since 1992 and is managed by a duly qualified executive team. During this time it has successfully established itself as a leading company in all areas of cleaning, grounds maintenance and general maintenance, verifiable by its extended contracts and customer satisfaction.

Partnering approach

The company is well known for its commitment to a personalised, partnering approach with a solid commitment to meet the needs of its clients by working with them, delivering consistency in standards and performance at a cost-effective price.

Fully equipt & ready to work

TBM’s network of locations and managers in all regions from the greater Brisbane area, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and beyond, it has the capacity to implement new contracts with minimum start time. Its fleet of fully equipped vehicles and additional backup machinery and equipment in all areas, we are ready to implement any new contract utilising its fully trained and enthusiastic staff.

Environmental responsible

The company has over a number of years striven to reduce its carbon imprint by using water efficient products and equipment, recycling as much as possible, using as many environmentally friendly products as clients permit, keeping vehicles and equipment at a high level of repair and if required, replacement, which all helps to reduce emissions and pollutants into the environment.

Exceeding customers’ expectations

TBM prides itself in providing a quality of service and reliability to meet the needs of its clients when the unexpected happens - exceeding client expectations by going above and beyond what is required.

Continuous innovation

The company continually evolves to improve programs to ensure that best practice is being achieved and areas of opportunity are identified both for the client and itself.

Employee development program

The heart of TBM’s quality services is its employees whose performance and welfare is an integral part of TBM’s growth in obtaining its ultimate goals. In recognising this fact, TBM has a development program for its employees which commence from our staff recruitment selection criteria. Training and the encouragement for staff to obtain industry qualifications form part of our Human Resources Policy.

Commitment to sustainability

TBM is committed to its clients and its commitment extends to implementing sustainable practices across all of the company’s services and operations. We believe that with continuously improving its systems and practices; this ultimately benefits our clients by delivering a better service and cleaner environment for clients and customers alike.

The green Initiative


TBM is committed to reducing the impact on the environment and by being aware of the impact that our actions have on it. Since 2018 we have been able to return multiple eligible containers to the Container Refund Scheme.

Charity Donation

As the primary cleaning service provider at numerous Events, TBM has had an opportunity to facilitate a more effective way to sort waste and reduce the amount that ends up in landfill. This not only benefits the environment but also the community as all proceeds are donated to various charities.


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