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TBM’s commitment to its clients is up there with the best. Originally emanating from strong leadership skills from the company’s Managing Director followed through by the Managers and administerial staff. TBM’s Managers and service providers share the same company ethos and vision for the future and the company’s longevity in the service industry. Client satisfaction is expected and achieved through senior management’s ongoing support and direction.

The green Initiative is our mission to help support the community & future generations through Sustainability, charity donations & an environmental focus



Environmental Focus

Delivering Industry-leading Service

For over 20 years TBM has been respected for its commitment to its personalised, partnering approach with its clients and prides itself on quality services, reliability and its desire to exceed client expectations. TBM procures the very best and latest equipment available and ensures that the equipment is matched to the task at hand. To maximize the level of services to our clients, TBM has approved service providers, who maintain this equipment and ensure it is always in optimum working condition.

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